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みんゴル (APK MOD Unblocked With Hack) Download With Latest Version

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7.0.1 APK MOD UnblockCracked Download

みんゴル Game is Android game,みんゴル games file includes (APK + MOD + Unblocked + Hack + OBB and Unlimited Money. みんゴル Sports follow the rules and regulation of Google playstore, All new levels are updated and this “com.forwardworks.mingol” is the main id of playsotre. This is the most latest version of みんゴル Mobile game. If you want to play this game, your need to download and install this game.

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みんゴル Sports Game- ■□ サクッと爽快、ナイスショット! □■
■□ 国民的ゴルフゲーム『みんゴル』 □■

◇◇◇ 『みんゴル』とは ◇◇◇

◇◇◇ 『みんゴル』の特徴  ◇◇◇

● 誰でも簡単に爽快ショット!


● 自分だけの”みんゴルファー”を作成!

◇◆ 『みんゴル』はこんな方へおすすめ ◆◇

Android 4.4以降
メインメモリ Android2GB以上の端末

このアプリケーションには、(株)CRI・ミドルウェアの「CRIWARE (TM)」が使用されています。
■ □ Refreshing, nice shot! □ ■
■ □ National golf game “Mingol” □ ■

◇◇◇ What is “Mingol”? ◇◇◇
A national golf game that anyone can easily enjoy exhilarating shots finally appears on smartphones!
Enjoy exhilarating shots with the “pulling” operation unique to smartphones!
Anytime, anyone, alone, with everyone.

◇◇◇ Features of “Mingol” ◇◇◇

● Easy shot for anyone!
The only shot operations are “Draw”, “Aim” and “Hanasu”!
With simple operation that can be played with one hand, anyone can enjoy golf easily!
Not just simple! Read the wind and the course status, and the depth of depth to be able to capture the course with strategy and technique!

● It ’s fun to play online with sweat!
“Golf on tour” is a one-on-one game! Run up the tour rank with the caddy!
“Minute golf” play up to 8 people at the same time! Play against friends and players nationwide!
Let’s enjoy the incandescent real-time battle easily and easily!

● Create your own “min golfer”!
Not only clothes and golf clubs, but also facial and hairstyles, you can fully customize your character to your liking!
In addition, character development to your liking!
Develop your own “Min Golfer” such as power-oriented and control-oriented characters and challenge the battle!

◇ ◆ “Mingol” is recommended for such people. ◆ ◇
・ Has played the “Minna no GOLF” series
・ I have never played golf or “Min GOL”, but I like sports games
・ I want to play sports games and golf games that can be played for a long time even for free
・ I want to enjoy sports games with other players in free online battles
・ I like games that can be enjoyed in a short time to kill time
・ I want to play an exhilarating game with beautiful graphics
・ Looking for sports games that everyone can enjoy

Recommended terminal
Android 4.4 or later
Main memory Android2GB or higher

This application uses “CRIWARE (TM)” of CRI, middleware.


Requirements of みんゴル Game Users of みんゴル Game

Android 4.4+



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