新仙俠:起源 1.1.1 (APK MOD Unblocked With Hack)

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1.1.1 APK MOD Unblocked With Hack

新仙俠:起源 Game is Android game,新仙俠:起源 games file includes (APK + MOD + Unblocked + Hack + OBB and Unlimited Money. 新仙俠:起源 Role Playing follow the rules and regulation of Google playstore, All new levels are updated and this “com.tw2021.qyjgp” is the main id of playsotre. This is the most latest version of 新仙俠:起源 Mobile game. If you want to play this game, your need to download and install this game.

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24488 +

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Role Playing

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新仙俠:起源 Role Playing Game- –遊戲特色–






*本軟體因涉及暴力、戀愛交友 、性(遊戲角色穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾),依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12級。

–Game Features–
◈The sky is high and the birds fly, a beautiful new world!
Ren’s sisters are full of love endorsements, exclusive custom [Xing Yun Yuan Kun] accompany you to explore a beautiful new world!
Xinfeng Rouxia, flying with Royal Kun, pursue the origin of a brand-new fairy who belongs to you!

◈New wind gentleman, go to the beautiful rivers and mountains with you
Next-generation 3D scene modeling, equipped with dynamic rendering light and shadow technology to create a surreal sense of presence!
Exquisite modeling, amazing scenery, and create your unique memory of the most beautiful fairy!

◈Fine picture, fairy and jade color depends on the heart
Costumes, mounts, equipment… Massive choices of shapes, super high freedom of dressing to satisfy your pursuit of beauty!
Gorgeous appearance, changing parts, customize your own renewal moment from the heart!

◈Red and dust together, warm heart interaction, light sweet dreams!
The original concentric lock and the fairy baby development system will accompany you and the person you like on a long journey!
Love Xian Xia, be with you, meet your sweet and warm dream!

◈Destiny is awakened, and between the thoughts of becoming immortals and demons
Immortal emperor or demon, custom inheritance road, exclusive shape tailored for you!
The two ways of immortality and devil, it is up to you to choose, pursue your own way of becoming devil and cultivating immortals!

–Recommended gameplay–
◇Cross-service transaction: a truly free market! The transaction object and transaction price are up to you!
◇Career choices: Jizo, Hualing, Tiangang, Xuanji, Phantom, Lingxiao… There are a variety of career options, there is always one suitable for you!
◇Training the gods: You can get the incarnation of the electric mother when you level up, complete tasks, summon the gods, and sweep everywhere!
◇Set collection: After completing the equipment collection, the set effect can be activated for free, and the Buddha heart collection is easy without lessons!
◇Inheritance of Destiny: Immortal emperor or Demon Lord, choose one to start the path of inheritance and complete the mission to obtain an exclusive appearance!
◇Cross-server PVP: Mythical beast island, alien beast island, cross-server competitive ranking… a variety of cross-server gameplay is waiting for you to participate!
◇Sword Fairy Trial: Perfectly pass the test of Sword Fairy Trial, activate powerful passive skills and become stronger!

[Warm Reminder]
*This software is classified as a supplementary 12 level according to the game software classification management method because it involves violence, love and friendship, and sex (the game character wears clothes that highlight sexual characteristics).
*This game is free to use. There are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items in the game.
*If you play the game for a long time, please pay attention to the use time and avoid being addicted to the game.

Requirements of 新仙俠:起源 Game Users of 新仙俠:起源 Game

Android 4.1+



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