Download Data Recovery & Photo Recovery mod apk v2.1.23 for Android

Tên Data Recovery & Photo Recovery
Loại Công cụ
thời gian tải xuống 1770
Nhà xuất bản Video Mobile VM
ghi bàn 6.0
Ngày xuất bản 27/11/2022
Liên kết tải xuống Загрузить Mod Apk
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Data Recovery & Photo Recovery

Data Recovery & Photo Recovery Trình bày trò chơi :

It is a fast and effective way to recover deleted files from SD cards or devices. Data recovery has never been simpler!
Have you accidentally deleted a photo or video? There\’s no need to search for a photo recovery tool or a video recovery program. Recover data has it all! You can retrieve deleted videos, recover photos, and Audio, undelete deleted apps, and many other files. In seconds, data and photo recovery! Flexible cloud storage with deep media discovery algorithms and additional security features. Photo and instant video recovery with Recover data

You can easily backup Android apps, media files and more.
You can instantly retrieve deleted files, photos, videos, and other important files.
Photo recovery with ease with the deleted photo recovery tool
You can recover deleted video, restore photos or undelete media.
Internet access is not necessary.
Rooting your device is not necessary.
Cloud storage for photos and videos backup
*Lock screen capabilities
*Custom themes and designs available

File recovery and backup
Recover data functions exactly like a recycle box for your phone. The app automatically backs up your deleted files without root privileges. It allows you to undelete files and restore photos. This app is your one-stop solution for all your data recovery needs. It also includes a handy tool to recover deleted videos and a recycling bin. You can recover any type of data file, including video, photos, and even data files. The ultimate Android recycle bin, Recover data does it all!

Protect your media now to recover deleted photos later
Recover data\’s app lock function will help you protect your files, photos, and videos. With a 4-digit secure access code, you can protect your media files from prying eyes and your Recover data data.

Instantly recover deleted apps
App restore is made easy by the Recover data It\’s easy to recover deleted apps or photos. Just go into your recycle bin and click on the app that you want to restore. The app will then appear on your device. Recover data offers backup for deleted apps, images and videos as well as documents. Whatever you need to restore, Recover data will do it instantly. You don\’t need to search for another photo backup or file recovery option!

Flexible & secure cloud storage
Save valuable space on your device. Recover data\’s unlimited cloud storage allows users to store all files that they have deleted. This premium feature is available only to customers who subscribe to Recover data . Recover data Premium users will get an ad-free experience, customized themes, and the ability to lock your app.

This is what we all think.
\”How data and image recovery works?\”
\”Is there any decent tool to recover photos that were deleted recently?\”
How to recover deleted videos and photos?
\”Is there an app for recycling bins?\”
\”Which data recovery tool is best?\” – That\’s easy! 🙂
Recover data allows you to focus on more important things.
No need to make mistakes
Recover data has been a standard app for data recovery throughout its history. It\’s so full of features, Recover data has gotten a lot of nicknames from our users. Install Recover data is a powerful tool that will help you protect your files, back up and restore photos, recover deleted videos, or other data.

Data Recovery & Photo Recovery Ảnh chụp trò chơi :

Data Recovery & Photo Recovery Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Data Recovery & Photo Recovery Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Data Recovery & Photo Recovery Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Data Recovery & Photo Recovery Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Data Recovery & Photo Recovery Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Data Recovery & Photo Recovery (5.3MB)

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