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Ngày xuất bản 14/12/2022
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Weather Station Pro Được trả tiền miễn phí

Weather Station Pro Trình bày trò chơi :

This app is perfect for amateur and pro meteorologists, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone else curious about their environment.

Most Android devices still do not have a barometer, ambient thermometer, or hygrometer. See the (probably incomplete) COMPATIBILITY list below for devices that this app is useful with.

This app does not simulate ambient temperature based on cpu or battery temperature and does not provide faux readings or internet based readings. There is zero internet/network usage; internet/network permissions are never requested. We respect your privacy and have no desire to profit off of your data.

For those who desire more, consider donating by purchasing Weather Station Pro. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FREE VERSION OF WEATHER STATION FIRST to make sure your device has the sensors for the types of readings you want.


• No ads

• Depending on device, supports: Ambient Temperature, Pressure, Relative Humidity, Absolute Humidity, Dew Point, Mixing Ratio, Heat Index, Illuminance, |Magnetic Field|, and Barometric, GPS, & Density Altitude

• Graphs with details including 24 hour and 7 day hi & lo markers

• Pro only: 14 day graphing

• Pro only: 14 day hi & lo markers on graphs also

• Pro only: Multi-Series graphing able to graph any number of (normalized) reading types

• Pro only: Ongoing Status Bar Notification (ideal for Temperature but can be used for any of the reading types in the range of -20 to 120)

• Pro only: Sunrise/Set info

• Pro only: Moon info

• Notification alerts

• Records set by your device

• Share screenshots

• Printing support (Android KitKat+)

• Unit choices for temperature/dew point/heat index (°F, °C, K), pressure (mb, inHg, kPa, atm, Torr, psi, hPa, mmHg), absolute humidity (g/m³, kg/m³), mixing ratio (g/kg, kg/kg), and elevation/altitude (ft, m)

• Pressure can be adjusted to mean sea level using the Altimeter Setting

• Use GPS provided elevation/altitude for pressure adjustments

• 5 widget types (4×1, 1×4, and 3 1×1) with 3 style choices

• Widgets are highly customizable including text color and size

• Pro only: Full size widget with icons

• Pro only: Widgets have several color theme choices

• Pro only: Light and dark application themes

• Indicators for rising/falling/steady readings

• 24 hour hi & lo readings on main screen

• Calibration of raw values output by sensors

• Pro only: Experimental battery temperature based calibration for offsetting inaccurate ambient temperature and relative humidity readings

• Export background readings to .txt files

• Pro only: Unlimited Auto Logging of background readings with geo coordinates to .txt files

• Localized numbers and dates & times

• Pro only: Settings and data from Weather Station v2.0.0 or higher can be transferred to Pro on first start

The \’About\’ section in the app has much more detail on how Weather Station works.


Devices with a hygrometer, thermometer, and barometer:

Samsung Galaxy:

S4 (IV)

Note 3 (III)



*Precise location… for GPS elevation/altitude; Moon and Sun info and Auto Logging of coordinates

*Modify/delete/read USB/SD card storage contents… for exporting/logging background readings to .txt files; screenshots

*Prevent device from sleeping… for background readings and battery temperature based calibration services; the screen wake lock troubleshooting setting

*Run at startup… to restart background readings and the ongoing status bar notification after a reboot

*Control vibration… on a notification alert

Weather Station Pro Ảnh chụp trò chơi :

Weather Station Pro(Được trả tiền miễn phí) screenshot image 1 Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Weather Station Pro(Được trả tiền miễn phí) screenshot image 2 Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Weather Station Pro(Được trả tiền miễn phí) screenshot image 3 Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Weather Station Pro(Được trả tiền miễn phí) screenshot image 4 Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Weather Station Pro(Được trả tiền miễn phí) screenshot image 5 Ảnh chụp màn hình trò chơi

Weather Station Pro (1.3MB)

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